The competence of adaptability in the work context refers to being able to respond to changes in the environment and performing well in a changing task context (LePine, Colquitt, & Erez, 2000), trying to understand change, displaying a willingness to learn new ways to accomplish work objectives, with a positive attitude (Bowdoin College, 2016; Harvard University, 2014).

This competence can be assessed according to the following three students’ mastery levels:

Introductory level

Willingly takes on new tasks/adopts new approaches as required as appropriate to job role. Takes responsibility for keeping professional skills and knowledge up to date.

Intermediate level

Embraces and manages change. Seeks opportunities for change, supporting colleagues in implementing new ways of working, effectively and supportively communicating the rationale for change.

Advanced level

Instigates and leads programmes of change, working in close collaboration with team mates/ colleagues. Identifies resource implications of strategic developments and manages them accordingly.

Tools for Assessment

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