Here you will find a range of supporting resources and additional outputs from the SOCCES project.  These supporting resources and outputs are for teachers, other HE practitioners, policy makers and any other interested parties. They are:

Teachers resources

Handbook: To assist teachers in using the assessment framework and tools to develop and implement sense of initiative & entrepreneurship and social competences within their curricula

Publications: papers outlining the research and evaluation that informed the SOCCES development work, approach and outputs

Baseline analysis: current practices, the context for and in which the Assessment Framework and Tools were developed

Additional guidance for teachers: other information to help teachers set up the learning environment and curriculum for developing the SOCCES competences


Eurocompass (model for developing): this important output from the project is a proposal for certified modular assessment for the two SOCCES competences

Other project outputs

Final webinar recording:  recording of the final dissemination event which outlines the main project outputs

Introductory videos: more information about the project partners and their expertise