The competence of group work and team management refers to being able to manage relationships with other people (Chell, 2013), in order to exploit entrepreneurial opportunities and implementing ideas (Komarkova et al., 2015; Moberg et al., 2014).

This competence can be assessed according to the following three students’ mastery levels:

Introductory level

Works uniquely alone, does not cooperate, avoid working with persons different each other’s, does not take into account other people’s ideas and contributions, avoid sharing information.

Intermediate level

Is able to work in groups with a low level of complexity, cooperate only under certain conditions, can manage moderate diversity in a group, partially listen other people’s ideas and contributions, and share a few information.

Advanced level

Is able to work interdependently and to contribute in a variety of work teams, promote cooperation, give value to diversity in a group, respects ideas and contributions of others, shares information assists in mentoring others.

Tools for Assessment

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