The competence of presentation can be defined as preparing and delivering ideas effectively to individuals or groups, demonstrating of being cognizant of audience response and able to adapt content and style accordingly to characteristics and needs of the audience, exhibiting mastery of materials, comfortable delivery style and handling of enquiries (Harvard University, 2014).

This competence can be assessed according to the following three students’ mastery levels:

Introductory level

Structure lacks coherence. Speaker unfamiliar with topic. Transitional elements largely missing.

Intermediate level

Evidence of a standard three part structure and some use of transitional elements. Maintains contact with the audience. Level is appropriate, but the listener is not totally convinced that the presenter knows his/her topic well.

Advanced level

Is thoroughly familiar with the topic and can respond confidently and spontaneously to complex questions. Presentation is well structured, uses transitional elements, and follows the conventions of the field. Good eye contact, no reading from his/her paper. Level appropriate for intended audience.

Tools for Assessment

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